MIPS Products

The following designs enables the full 10-15mm of rotational movement in the crucial 5-10 milliseconds following angled head impact, redirecting damaging rotational motion. The choice of system comes down to how the helmet is designed and engineered.



The MIPS-A1 solution is a series of plates anchored between fabric layers and housed beneath a helmet’s comfort pads. Thanks to each plate’s low-friction plastic construction and stretch fabric, the MIPS-A1 is able to protect against damaging rotational motion with a detailed level of integration in the helmet’s construction.

MIPS-A1 Product Sheet


The MIPS-C2 solution separates the shell and the liner with a thin plastic Low Friction Layer (LFL). This LFL, attached with 3-4 rubber elastomers combined with a low friction ink, allows the helmet to slide relative to the head without affecting comfort or ventilation. The majority of today's helmets equipped with MIPS feature the MIPS-C2 solution.

MIPS-C2 Product Sheet


The MIPS-E2 solution is a soft, cap-like insert that acts as a full-headed low-friction layer for full-face cycling, motocross, and street sport helmets. The MIPS-E2 liner is made up of two multi-directional, stretch fabric layers sewn together around a thin, plastic foil. When inserted between the comfort padding of the helmet and the outer EPS shell, the Liner provides broad coverage from rotational impacts without sacrificing comfort or sweat absorption.

MIPS-E2 Product Sheet


The MIPS-F2 system is mounted between the EPP foam liner and the exterior shell and provides the ability for the EPP liner to slide relative to the outer shell of the helmet. This 10-15 mm of relative motion is referred to as the MIPS Movement and provides added protection against rotational motion to the brain caused by angled impacts to the head.

MIPS-F2 Product Sheet