Choosing the right cycling helmet

Cycling today is way much more than just commuting, there’s Road-cycling, MTB-Cycling, Downhill-cycling, BMX and of course your regular commute to work. Different cycling also calls for different helmets both for safety reasons and comfort reasons. So what kind of helmet should you get? Below we’ll list different helmet options to fit your needs.

The Commuters helmet. 

If your bicycle’s main usage area is to take you from point A to point B in a comfortable manner then comfort is what you should be looking for. A well ventilated helmet with good airflow but most of all a good fit to your head and a style of your liking.

Lazer helmets

The Road-helmet.

Whether pushing miles on your own or in a group you’ll be looking for a helmet with great airflow and a low weight. Maybe 50 grams less doesn’t sound like much but if you’re cycling for a longer period of time a lighter helmet will do wonders for your neck muscles. The road helmet has a more aerodynamic shape and comes without a visor since the cyclist has a more forward position and the visor tends to block the field of vision.

The MTB-helmet

In MTB-cycling aerodynamics is less of a factor and considering the many places where a crash can occur the helmets are bulkier and tend to extend a bit further down the back of your neck. The helmets usually also feature a visor in the front to block out the sun and stop a few of those nasty branches from bruising your face. Airflow is still a key-factor to keep you from overheating but weight isn’t as much of an issue in comparison to road-cycling.

The Fullface-helmet

So after way to much pedaling you feel like a ride up the mountain would be nice. You catch the first lift up comfortably resting with your bike beside you. Downhill cycling can be quite brutal and collisions come from every angle, this calls for a fullface-helmet. Much like a motorcycle helmet this helmet covers your head from all angles and is often paired with a pair of MX-goggles. The fullface helmet offers optimal protection but since it covers your mouth it’s not optimal for those long breathless bikerides you get when pedaling a long MTB-trail.

The BMX/Skatepark-helmet

If throwing handlebar-spins in the skatepark is your passion you should look for a dedicated BMX-helmet also known as a “skaters helmet”. Signified by their circular shape these helmets offer great protection from most angles and will give you the confidence to nail those hard tricks that will leave your friends in awe.

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