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From toddlers learning to snowplow to young rippers in the park, every kid hitting the slopes should have a high-quality Mips®-equipped snow helmet for safety, comfort and fun.


Start them off safe

Helmets have become standard equipment for kids skiing or snowboarding. Today it’s easier than ever to find options with high-quality construction, a comfortable fit, and advanced safety features including Mips® safety system. 

Helmet safety

Checklist for choosing a kids’ snow helmet

There are many factors when choosing the right snow helmet for kids. Here are a few to consider:

  • Comfort and fit

    The best kids’ snow helmet is one they love to wear. Start by figuring out the correct size, and then fine-tune any adjustment dials and the chin strap for a fit that’s snug but not uncomfortably tight.

  • Safety certifications

    Make sure the helmet meets the safety standards in your country. Some common ones include the ASTM F2040 snow helmet certification in the U.S., and CE EN1077 in Europe. 

  • Conditions and terrain

    There’s a difference between helmets for toddlers who are just starting out and those for more experienced young skiers and snowboarders who have graduated to more advanced terrain. 

  • Style and special features

    Kids’ helmets come in all kinds of fun colors and styles. The best way to get a child to always wear their helmet is to find the one with the cool colors and design that they love.  

  • Rotational management

    Make sure the helmet is designed to manage rotational motion and reduce the risk of brain injury. 

Frequently asked questions about kids’ snow helmets

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