How to wash your bicycle helmet


Your helmet is your best friend and accompanies you on your every bike ride. You might even have more bikes than helmets resulting in your helmet pushing most miles in your gear. After a while you start to notice something. Even though you’ve given it several wipedowns after muddy rides a distinct smell spreads in your hallway every time you come home. It’s time to learn how to wash your bicycle helmet!

Of course, being a responsible adult you don't want to clean it the wrong way so therefore you turn to this article. 

Step 1. The wipedown.

Start by wiping off all excess dirt with a wet cloth. 


Step 2. Cleaning.

Remove the soft fabric interior and give your helmet a proper wipedown with a cloth, soft soap and water. Rub the straps with a generous amount of soap and hot water. The soft fabric interior can be removed and washed either by hand or by using a washing bag in the washing machine. Turn to your user manual for further advice.

Your helmet consist of many components and layers working in symbios. From the MIPS-layer to the outer shell and much like your bike you can do serious damage to the helmet by using hard chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, cleaners or solvents. If you use chemicals damage may occur. This damage is not visible to the eye and can drastically decrease safety. Generally it’s recommended to not use anything but a soft soap and water. It’s a good idea to check the manual or inside of your helmet for specific cleaning advice.


Step 3. Drying your helmet.

Use a dry cloth to wipe off excess water and try to gently wipe the crevasses of your helmet. The best practice for drying your helmet is to just let it air-dry inside your home. Don’t leave it out in the sun or in a drying cabinet. It goes without saying that a tumble-dry is also out of the question.

Step 4. Go riding!

After your helmet is all dried up, re-insert the interior and get back up on your bike! Good job!

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