MIPS: Our Story

https://vimeo.com/105003980Stockholm, SWEDEN:  From the initial scientific stepping stones, Karolinska Institute, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, and Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan began their cooperative research relationships nearly two decades ago resulting in the patented Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), a technology now applied in helmet manufacturing globally. The goal then, and now, to create a safer environment for your mothership, your brain.


Formally established as MIPS AB in 2001, the Stockholm-based company story is one of movement and flexibility mirroring the unique movement and flexibility of their helmet technology. From concept to product in the shape of an equestrian helmet, MIPS AB formally entered the market 2005. As attention and product traction increased significantly, 2009 called for unique branding and visibility resulting in the current MIPS AB logo, design, and online platforms to develop, nurture and respond to engagement. The goal then, and now, to offer a visually appealing and user-friendly environment for your mothership, your brain.


Beginning 2010 MIPS AB took on the bike and snow helmet industry warranting rave reviews for providing technology to keep extreme sports enthusiasts safer than ever before. In 2011 and through today, the public conversations and gravity of concussions from rotational violence in sports has taken on a heightened awareness, also raising MIPS technology to an entirely new level of visibility.


Earlier this year, the world’s largest helmet manufacturer, BRG Sports, Inc. and MIPS AB formalized their partnership bringing several of the world’s largest sports industries and new customers to the MIPS table. MIPS AB is also excited to announce onboarding and welcoming an additional 8 new brands for this Fall.


“The goal then, now, and onward, is to provide the very best environment for your mother ship, your brain, so you can continue to stay active, live life fully while minimizing the risks” says MIPS CEO, Johan Thiel.


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