Hans von Holst is a Swedish neurosurgeon and professor emeritus who has dedicated his professional life to studying head injuries. His research recognised that protection against brain injuries was inadequate. In 1996 he began to explore the relationship between brain injuries and helmet construction.

Together with Peter Halldin, a researcher at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, the duo developed ground-breaking technology in the way helmets were designed and manufactured that would prove to significantly increase brain protection.

Groundbreaking technology

Their goal was to achieve much better protection against the more common, but less researched rotational motion trauma, where the head receives an impact at an angle rather than “head on” (straight radial impact). So they began to conduct novel research that mimicked real-life accidents. And soon, with new ways of thinking, shook the foundation of traditional helmet technology, which had been built on the less common straight radial impact model.

As an outcome of their work, Hans and Peter discovered that relative motion between two low friction layers, or surfaces, in a helmet could reduce rotational motion injuries. Several years of research, testing, and development introduced the innovation now known as Mips – Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This unique helmet technology provided a higher level of added protection for the brain. And, as a result of their work, helmet legal requirements and regulations were overhauled.

World wide

Mips technology adds protection in all types of helmets: for cyclists, skiers, motorcyclists, racing drivers and all other helmet-bearing sports and activities. Mips even helps out in the construction and professional industries, upping the safety of hard hats for site workers.

Mips is an ingredient brand and has relied primarily on our helmet brand partners to create retailer and consumer awareness and demand. Today, 80% of the world’s leading helmet brands have partnered with Mips for added protection.

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