Here at Mips we are fully committed to improving head protection for all riders, and the premier class of motocross is a place where you really need the best gear. Tim and Mitch are amongst the very best riders in the world, competing in a sport of high risk and speed. So, wearing protection that makes them feel comfortable is essential. We’re excited to enter this year’s championship with Team HRC MXGP, and look forward to the championship fight with our ambassadors at the front.


Tim Gajser

Date of Birth: September 8, 1996

Disciplines: MXGP

Place of Birth: Ptuj, Slovenia

Nationality: Slovenian

Mitch Evans

Date of Birth: November 10, 1998

Disciplines: MXGP

Place of Birth: Cairns, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Roger Harvey (Team HRC MXGP Advisor)

“Motocross is one of the most dangerous motorsports in the world, and our riders know first-hand the risks they’re taking every time they strap on their helmet. The choices made in protective equipment, particularly helmets, serve as a critical first line of defense from injury. Helmets equipped with the Mips system have a proven form of head protection available and from the team HRC MXGP we could not be more excited to help bring much-needed awareness to the motorcycle community as a part of Team Mips.”

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