Mips announces a strong global customer base in Safety Helmets: 2021 Review

Stockholm 9/3/2022 – Mips, a world-leading helmet-based safety technology company announced seven new global partnerships with manufacturers of construction helmets in 2021 to bring products equipped with Mips® safety system to the market.

Photo credit – US Manufacturer Ergodyne

Mips, already firmly established and well known in sports helmets, motorcycle helmets and popular among skiers and cyclists, has established a strong customer base in its new safety category in 2021.

The Swedish company announced partnerships with some of the leading safety helmet and PPE manufacturers globally, to incorporate the patented Mips® (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) low-friction layer into their safety helmets.

Mips announced seven new partners in 2021:

Centurion Safety Products (UK)
Protective Industrial Products (USA)
Zekler Safety (SWE)
Ergodyne (USA)
Irudek Group (ES)
Camp Safety (IT)
Zero Height Safety (NZ)

The Mips® Safety System is designed to help reduce rotational motion to the head caused by certain angled impacts. A low-friction layer inside the safety helmet allows multidirectional movement of 10-15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to help reduce rotational force to the head.

Photo credit – Swedish Manufacturer Guardio
Photo credit – Swedish Manufacturer Guardio

Olof Rylander, Senior Business Developer for Safety at Mips said:

“We are pleased to have launched partnerships in 2021 with seven leading PPE manufacturers to incorporate the patented Mips® helmet-based technology into their safety helmets. We are seeing momentum in demand for products equipped with our technology from employers such as large multi-national construction companies and end-users concerned about worker head protection, reducing workplace accidents, and to demonstrate their commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. Despite the widespread and mostly mandatory use of hard hats, construction and industrial workers are still at risk for severe head injuries including TBI. They can suffer TBI from the impact force from a slip, trip or fall, as well as from falling objects.”

Mips focus for 2022 is to further support global partners, establish collaborations with new customers, and continue to educate the market. Mips will work closely with safety professionals and industry institutions in each market to explore the risks around head injuries in construction, the role hard hat technology can play, and provide an understanding of the risks from rotational motion caused by head impacts in construction.

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