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How does Mips® Safety System helmets work?

The technology behind Mips® Safety System is mimicking the brain’s natural defense system. In your brain, you’ve got a fluid between the brain and the skull that protects your brain from impact, called cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid allows your brain to slide slightly during an angled impact, resulting in a reduction of harmful forces to the brain.

What is the difference between a helmet with Mips® Safety System vs one without Mips® Safety System?

All helmets are constructed to protect your skull from linear impacts, which the majority of all helmets do really well. A helmet with Mips® Safety System is a regular helmet with the addition of a low friction layer to provide protection against brain damages.

Doesn’t hair or a hat protect the same way as Mips® Safety System?

Couldn’t that also allow your head to slide in the helmet? No, your hair or a hat does not give the same protection as Mips® Safety System. Let us explain why.

Do I really need a helmet with Mips® Safety System?

If you want to have a helmet with added protection, you should get one with Mips® Safety System.

How can I get Mips® Safety System in my helmet?

Mips® Safety System is a feature that any helmet brand could incorporate in their helmets. At beginning of 2020, there are more than 100 helmets brand working with Mips.

To get Mips® Safety System in your helmet, you need to buy one with that feature from start. It is not possible to add Mips® Safety System yourself to an existing helmet without Mips® Safety System.

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