About Mips

Mips is a company that specializes in helmet-based safety and protection and is a world-leader in this area.

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Number of sold units during 2020


Helmet models using Mips (2020)

Over 120

Brand partners as per 2021

Based on an ingredient brand model, the Mips® safety system is sold to the global helmet industry.

The solution, which is patented in all relevant markets, is based on 20 years’ research and development together with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Industry leader

Established in the world of science with over 20 years of research, the first Mips® safety system was launched on the market in 2007. Up until 2021, Mips has sold more than 20 million Mips® safety systems to more than 120 helmet brands across numerous disciplines.

Mips® safety system is easy to implement in both new and existing helmet models and is sold to the global helmet industry, which integrates Mips® safety system in their helmets.

This means that the helmet industry can sell a helmet intended to help reduce rotational force to the head, thereby differentiating the brand and creating added value. The helmet industry actively markets the benefit of the solution as well as the Mips brand towards the end-user. Up to and including 2020, a total of 20 million units were sold, and these have been implemented in as many helmets, distributed among winter sports, cycling, horse riding and motor racing.

About Mips

The story about Mips

Our head office is in Stockholm and our unique testing facility is also located there. The components for the solution are manufactured in China by sub-suppliers. We have established a subsidiary in China to enable smoother processes with our customers. Today, more than 70 employees work with sales, research and development, production and administration.

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