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Our mission is leading the world to safer helmets. Here’s everything you need to know about helmet safety. 

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Mips focuses on safety for helmets, so you can focus on your sport.

We all fall from time to time. Luckily, most falls are minor. A skinned knee, a dirty kit, but you keep going. Sometimes, however, the impact is greater. You hit the ground hard. Anyone who has crashed and hit their head—on the pavement, dirt, snow or ice—knows it’s almost always an angled impact. This is why Mips® products exist. Our low-friction layer inside the helmet allows multi-directional movement of 10-15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to help reduce rotational force to the head. 

Frequently asked questions about helmet safety

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Science & Technology

Mips was born from science and research

Our founders have spent decades studying the relationship between brain injuries and helmet construction. This deep knowledge and unrivaled experience are behind the latest Mips helmet technologies for safer helmets.

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Mips gives you the confidence to follow your passion. Whether you’re training for fitness, riding to work, heading out on the mountain, or playing team sports, our mission is safety for helmets.


Road or MTB. Competition or fun. Mips offers hundreds of choices in bike helmets to help fuel your passion.

Bike helmets


Whether you’re carving turns on groomers or bombing backcountry runs, Mips focuses on safety for helmets so you can focus on fun.

Snow helmets


Quicker commutes. Weekend trips. A daily dose of freedom and fun. Gear up for your motorcycle adventures with a high-quality helmet that has a Mips safety system.

Moto Helmets

Moto MX

Dirt, dust, mud and fun. Whether you’re blasting berms on the track or throttle-twisting with friends in the wild, Mips focuses on safety for helmets so you can focus on having a good time.

Moto MX Helmets


Whether you ride English or Western, in the ring or out on the trail, a proper riding helmet is a key part of your riding kit.

Equestrian helmets


Alpine climbing, bouldering, canyoneering. Whether it’s quick sport climbs or multi-pitch days, one of your most important gear choices is a high-quality climbing helmet.

Climbing helmets


Mips has teamed up with some of the leading safety helmet and PPE manufacturers to include our patented low-friction layer safety systems in construction helmets and hard hats.

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Team Sports

Helmets for team sports such as hockey have made major advancements in recent years, offering new levels of safety, comfort and performance.

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