How to choose a bike helmet?

  • What activity?

    Different activities demand different helmets. Road racing and XC riding need lightweight, aerodynamic helmets. For aggressive MTB, look for extended coverage and a visor. Commuting? Prioritize comfort, weather protection, and style.

  • Competition or fun? 

    Your helmet choice depends on your goals. Racing needs lightweight, aerodynamic designs. Long rides require comfort. Commuting and weekend adventures benefit from versatile helmets.

  • Safety

    Safety is paramount. Ensure your helmet is certified to your country’s standards. Look for features like Mips for added protection.

  • Climate

    Consider your local weather. Hot and humid? Prioritize ventilation. Cold and rainy? Look for insulation. Hilly terrain? Adjustable vents help. Rainy? An integrated visor is handy.

  • Rotational management

    Choose a helmet with Mips to reduce rotational forces during angled impacts.

  • Comfort and fit

    Measure your head circumference and adjust chin straps, buckles, and dials for a snug, safe fit.

Frequently asked questions about Mips®-equipped bike helmets

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