Dirt bike helmets – a few tips before you buy

A sense of freedom, stress release, mental alertness, physical exercise… The reasons for riding a dirt bike may vary, but no matter why you ride, wearing a dirt bike helmet is always a good idea. It lets you enjoy your passion, expand your limits and improve as a dirt bike rider.  


Start with the basics

The thing with off-roading is that you do it off-road: there are no even streets or smooth asphalt – just mud, holes, dust, rocks, and gravel. To be sure, it’s challenging and fun, but it also has a calculated risk. However, experienced you may be as a rider, a good helmet should always be a priority before taking off on your dirt bike.

The best dirt-bike helmet is the one that really fits

What is a good helmet for dirt bike riding? For most dirt bike riders, a motocross helmet is the first choice. It offers protection for the head and face, while at the same time providing good ventilation. There are a great number of helmets to choose from, which means there is a good chance that you will find one that fits you well.

The most crucial aspects when it comes to choosing a dirt bike helmet are that it has a snug fit and that it doesn’t turn once you have tightened the chin strap. You should also look for a well-balanced helmet that doesn’t drag your head down in any direction. Balance depends to some extent on how the helmet is built, but it also depends on how it fits your head. The best approach is to try a few helmets and feel the difference between them before you buy them.

Mips® technology addresses rotational motion

The Mips system is designed to help redirect rotational motion away from the head in the event of an accident. But what is rotational motion? Let us explain:

In the event of a collision or a fall, while riding a dirt bike, your head is most likely to hit the ground at an angle. At the moment of impact, rotational motion occurs which can make the head rotate more or less, depending on the impacting object or surface. The energy from the impact can be directed further into the head, where it can cause brain injury. Rotational motion is the result of oblique impacts to the head.

Look for an approved dirt bike helmet with Mips® technology

When looking for a dirt bike helmet, look for safety features and other details specific to the type of use that applies to you. But first of all, make sure that the helmet is certified according to the applicable standards in the country where you live.

If you see a helmet with a yellow logo on the back, it means it is equipped with the Mips® safety system. No matter what activities you like to engage in, there is sure to be a helmet equipped with Mips technology that suits you.

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