Youth dirt bike helmets – a few tips along the way

You don’t have to be a grown-up to enjoy dirt bike riding. Many riders start at a very young age. Wearing a helmet while riding is advisable for everyone, but especially for younger riders. Here are a few tips when it comes to choosing a youth dirt bike helmet.

The best youth dirt bike helmet

What is a good helmet for dirt bike riding?

  • The one that fits

    The single most important thing for a youth dirt bike helmet is that it fits properly. Children’s necks are weaker, and the helmet must fit snugly, without moving once the chin strap is fastened. A helmet that is too big can be counterproductive and offer less protection.

  • Don't buy a secondhand helmet

    It could be tempting to buy a secondhand helmet or to inherit helmets from kids who have outgrown them. But this could turn out to be a bad idea. You don’t know what a used helmet has been through, for example, if it has been in a crash or dropped on the ground. From a safety point of view, it is always better to buy a new helmet that fits and then buy a new one once your child has outgrown it.

  • Youth dirt bike helmets protect from many things

    Apart from the obvious impact protection offered by the youth dirt bike helmet, it also offers protection from other things. The visor keeps the sun out of the rider’s eyes and also protects the face from branches, mud, and dust kicked up by the rider in front.

  • Fiberglass or carbon fiber

    The best dirt bike helmets are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber and have EPS padding. More advanced helmets have layers of EPS in varying hardness (dual density) with different damping properties.

Look for an approved youth dirt bike helmet with the Mips system

When looking for a youth dirt bike helmet, look for safety features and other details specific to the type of use that is applicable where you live. But first of all, make sure that the helmet is certified according to the applicable standards in the country where you live.

If you see a helmet with a yellow logo on the back, it means it is equipped with a Mips safety system. No matter what activities you like to engage in, there is sure to be a helmet equipped with Mips technology that suits you.

The Mips system – addressing the rotational motion

The Mips system is designed to help redirect rotational motion away from the head in the event of an accident. But what is rotational motion? Let us explain:

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