Mips’ Reveals High Employee Survey Score, Exceeds Industry Benchmark Levels of Employee Engagement and Satisfaction 

Stockholm, Sweden; January 2024 Mips, a global leader in helmet-based safety, has revealed the results of their pulse surveys, which are sent to all employees in Sweden and China. The year-to-date average score was 8.4 out of 10, indicating high levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction. 

Additionally, Mips revealed their Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS), measuring ambassadorship and the likelihood that employees recommend Mips as an employer, was at 45 year-to-date. The ENPS is weighted on a scale of –100 to +100. The index comparing other companies using the same platform is 14.

Employee engagement and satisfaction are critical to Mips’ mission of leading the world to safer and more sustainable helmets as the company seeks to encourage and drive innovation. 

Mips’ sends employees weekly pulse surveys that are designed to measure employee engagement, enjoyment, and perceived work situation more frequently than the company’s previous half-year measurements. The surveys have a 97 percent response rate, and empower Mips to reinforce what works well, and develop and improve in other areas as needed. 

Results of the survey are compiled on a scale of 1 to 10. Mips’ current year-to-date score of 8.4 is higher than the goal the company set for itself of at least 8.0. Mips’ overall score is significantly higher than the average of other users of the survey program, which comes to 7.6. 

The survey asks employees questions on how enthusiastic and energized employees are about their work, how they feel their team is collaborating, and how supported they are by their managers, to name a few. Mips’ overall score includes, but is not limited to, the results of: 

“Celebrating our team’s outstanding scores, this achievement boosts our employee value proposition and efforts into talent acquisition and reinforces our mission to lead the world to safer and more sustainable helmets. From Team Spirit to Personal Development, our scores exceed benchmarks, reflecting our dedication to innovation and the well-being of our employees. We’re proud of our progress and look forward to advancing together,” said Max Strandwitz, CEO of Mips. 

In 2022, Mips signed up for the UN Global Compact and has embedded the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into its Code of Conduct. Mips works to ensure that these Ten Principles concerning human rights, labor law, the environment, and anti-corruption are upheld throughout its value chain, including its human resources policies. 

More information on Mips’ sustainability initiatives can be found at https://mipscorp.com/annual-report-2022/#sustainability 

About Mips

Mips specializes in helmet-based safety and is a market leader in this field. Based on an ingredient brand business model, the Mips® safety system is sold to the global helmet industry. The Mips® safety system is patent-protected and based on 25 years of research, testing, and development in cooperation with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and the Karolinska Institute, both located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s headquarters and the test center are also located there, with more than 80 employees working in research and development, sales, marketing, and administration.

Currently, Mips has partnered with over 150 helmet manufacturers. Since its inception, the Mips® safety system has been included in more than 1,000 helmet models worldwide.

Further information: www.mipsprotection.com

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