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To reduce head injuries.
And save more lives.


Safety for helmets 

Originally developed by a brain surgeon and a biomechanics scientist, the Mips® Safety System has revolutionized the world of helmet safety. By complementing the helmet with a low-friction layer, designed to move slightly in the event of an impact, the system is designed to help redirect rotational motion away from the head. This is intended to help reduce the risk of brain injury.

Mips® Products

Motorcyclists, snowboarders, equestrians, cyclists, skiers, climbers and construction workers all have their reasons for choosing our products. We are proud to offer a wide range addressing the different needs of helmet users.

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Always use a helmet that is intended for your activity. Helmets equipped with the Mips® Safety System are available in the following categories:

Bike helmets

Bike helmets

Snow helmets

Snow helmets

Motorsport helmets

Motorsport helmets

Equestrian helmets

Horse riding helmets

Climbing helmets

Climbing helmets

Used by the pros

Team Mips consists of elite athletes who fearlessly push their limits every time they ride. Therefore Aleix Espargaró, Kate Courtney, Tim Gajser, Marion Haerty, and Brandon Semenuk choose helmets equipped with the Mips® Safety System.

Team Mips

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Born from science

We have spent decades studying the relationship between brain injuries and helmet safety. This profound knowledge is the driving force behind the Mips technology.

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