We are world leaders in our field, and also aim to be leaders in our industry when it comes to sustainability, in order to identify risks and opportunities, live up to the expectations of others, and lead the way for others. That is how we ensure that we will continue to grow profitably.

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Three focus areas

The stakeholder dialogues, materiality analysis, and improved insight into our total climate impact have led us to structure our sustainability efforts around three focus areas. The difference compared to the structure and follow-up of previous years’ sustainability work is that we have integrated the earlier focus area “our impact on the environment” into the other three focus areas as environmental aspects permeate all three other areas.

Our employees

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Our product

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Helmet care

How to recycle a helmet

Helmet care

When to replace a helmet

Sustainability highlights of 2021

Mips continues to integrate social and environmental aspects into its business strategy and operations.

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