Our mission:
Leading the world to safer and more sustainable helmets


Helmet safety is and will always be Mips highest priority.

We are the global leader in our field and we aim to be at the forefront of the industry when it comes to sustainability. As a company, we shall not only meet the expectations of others but lead the way.

Sustainability highlights 2022

Delivered eleven customer projects with post-industrial recycled plastic. The goal for 2022 was to produce three post-industrial recycled plastic customer projects.

We joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SPTi) to reduce our total emissions by 42% by 2030.

We committed to the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C

We achieved our goal of a 40/60 distribution of women and men in our workforce, the figure for 2022 was 48% women and 52% men.

All of Mips' energy consumption in Sweden came from renewable sources of energy.

Joined the UN Global Compact and began implementation of its ten principles within our operations.

Phased out three high-emission products from Mips' product range.

Updated the product development process in 2022 to now include a climate calculation consistent with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

Our core values:
We dare

Daring means being brave, innovative, and challenging the status quo. We are curious about trying new solutions and are not afraid to make mistakes or ask for help. We challenge ourselves and others to achieve our vision.

We care

Caring involves creating a sustainable environment where people can perform. We show our colleagues respect. In our desire to achieve the highest quality, we take responsibility for our own well-being.

We share

Sharing is about creating transparency, a sense of belonging, and trust. We continuously share our experiences and knowledge with our colleagues. We support collaboration across functional areas.

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Our employees

We value attracting and retaining skilled and passionate employees to create safer and better products. Despite being a world leader, our employees remain humble, curious, and eager to learn.

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Our products

We care about sustainable societal development, and we think our technology and products can help.

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Our supply chain

We are committed to securing a sustainable model for the production of Mips’ safety system.

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Key sustainability targets for 2023

Science Based Targets

Reduce emissions per product sold by a total of 12%.

UN Global Compact

Perform third-party audits on the three most strategically important suppliers in our supply chain.

Circular product offering

Offer 100% post- industrial recycled plastic to our best selling solution with our suppliers.

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