Bike helmets for men – what to think about

Cycling is freedom. You can get around quickly and quietly, powered entirely by you. But you are also unprotected on the road. Many head injuries can be avoided by wearing a helmet, which can reduce risks in the event of an accident. But bike helmets come in many different varieties – which one should you choose? And what is important to keep in mind? Below, we go through the different types of bike helmets for men and give you some advice along the way. 

A bike helmet should fit correctly

Every head is different, and not only when it comes to haircuts. A helmet with a bad fit not only provides less protection; it can also be uncomfortable, which may lead to it not being used at all. That’s why it is vital to consider not only size, but also straps and adjustment systems. It is well worth spending some time finding a helmet that really fits you, that is comfortable, and that you like to wear. 

Bike helmets for men who like road cycling 

What kind of road cycling do you like? Do you race or ride for exercise? Either way, you want a helmet that is as well-ventilated and as aerodynamic as possible. If you are into triathlons, aerodynamics is extra important and a TT helmet that reduces turbulence and air resistance is a natural choice. If you ride long distances, a helmet that weighs less and provides more ventilation is nice.

Trail, enduro, or XC? 

Mud, trees, roots, potholes, rocks and a sudden OTB… Mountain biking is often technically and physically demanding and full of surprises. Crashing is part of mountain biking and something you can do in any direction in rugged terrain. Many MTB helmets for men also have a visor that protects the eyes from sweeping branches and splashes of mud. If you ride enduro, there are helmets with chin bars that also protect the chin and cheeks. These resemble downhill helmets but are lighter and better ventilated, which is nice for riding uphill. 

Do you mostly ride XC on less rugged terrain, like dirt roads and trails? Then you will probably do just as well with a light road-biking helmet with good ventilation that keeps your head cool. 

Cycling in the wintertime? Get two bike helmets 

If you ride your bike all year round, it may be worth getting two bike helmets: a cool, well-ventilated helmet for summer, and a different option for the wintertime. When temperatures fall, it can be tempting to wear a warm hat under your helmet. But unfortunately, this can impair the way your helmet fits, which means it provides less protection. This is especially important if you choose a helmet with the Mips safety system. A thin liner is usually fine, but if it isn’t enough, then it’s a better choice to get a warmer helmet. 


Downhill helmets are robust, full-face helmets that protect both the head and face. They resemble motocross helmets and are designed for higher speeds when the effects of a possible crash is greater. A full-coverage helmet will be warmer, of course, so look for a well-ventilated option with good airflow.  


Potholes, curbs, motorists and pedestrians who don’t look out – the list of cycling hazards in the city is long, while a bike is often the fastest way by far to get to work or wherever you may be headed. Wearing a helmet when cruising through traffic is a must. 

Play it smart

Mips gives you the confidence to follow your passion. Whether you’re training for fitness, riding to work or heading out into the wilderness, our mission is safety for helmets.

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Speed. Efficiency. The rush of the road beneath your wheels. Mips focuses on safety for helmets, so you can focus on race days, training days, or just the pure the freedom and fun of riding on the road.

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Mountain bike helmets

Downhill, enduro, trail, XC. At Mips, we focus on safety for helmets, allowing you to focus on all your singletrack dreams.

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It’s the most exhilarating way to get across town. Gear up for the streets with a comfortable and stylish Mips®-equipped bike helmet.

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Mips safety system addresses rotational motion 

So, what exactly is the Mips safety system? Well, it’s a system for helmets that are designed to help reduce rotational motion to the head in oblique impacts. But what is rotational motion? Let us explain: 

If you fall while riding your bike, your head is most likely to hit the ground at an angle. At the moment of impact, rotational motion occurs which can make the head rotate more or less, depending on the impacting object or surface. The energy from the impact can be directed further into the head, where it can cause injury to the brain. Rotational motion is thus the result of oblique impacts to the head.

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