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For kids, nothing beats the freedom and fun of riding a bike. Start them off right with a high-quality helmet that they’ll love to wear every time they ride.


Smiles for miles

Kids’ helmets have come a long way in recent years. It’s easier than ever to find options with high-quality construction, a comfortable fit, and advanced safety features, including Mips® safety systems. 

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Checklist for choosing a kids’ bike helmet

There are many factors when choosing the right helmet for kids. Here are a few to consider:

  • Comfort

    The best kids’ bike helmet is the one that they will wear. Start by figuring out the correct size (based on head circumference), and then adjust the straps, buckles and clips for a fit that’s snug but not uncomfortably tight.

  • Type of riding

    Most kids’ helmets are versatile enough for different riding styles. But if you have a young mountain biker or future road racer, you may want to consider one that targets those types of activities. 

  • Safety

    Make sure the helmet meets the current safety standards in your country. Some common ones include Europe’s General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the U.S. 

  • Style

    Kids’ helmets come in all kinds of fun colors and styles. The best way to get a child to always wear their helmet is to find the one with the cool dinosaur print, neon swirls, or racing stripes that they love.  

  • Rotational management

    Make sure the helmet is designed with a low-friction layer that’s intended to help reduce rotational force to the head during certain angled impacts.

Frequently asked questions about Mips kids’ bike helmets

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Mips was born from science and research

Our founders have spent decades studying the relationship between brain injuries and helmet construction. This deep knowledge and unrivaled experience are behind the latest Mips helmet technologies for safer helmets.

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