Crafting a Greener
Future in Textiles

“I prioritize climate impact considerations in every decision I make.”

Josefine Dahlqvist, Product Development Textile Specialist


A big focus for me is the pursuit of more sustainable textile products and we are actively engaged in several key initiatives. These include selecting sustainable textiles and recycled fibers, reducing chemical and water usage, and minimizing production waste. Collaboration with our suppliers is instrumental in achieving our shared goal of reducing our climate impact.

Given that polyester is a predominant material in our products, opting for recycled over virgin polyester significantly decreases our reliance on refined oil. These conscious choices are integral to our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

Furthermore, as Mips has signed up for the Science Based Targets initiative, I prioritize climate impact considerations in every decision I make. Recognizing that early decisions in the product development process are pivotal in determining sustainability, our team collaborates to create the most environmentally responsible products possible.

In this ever-evolving landscape of sustainability, every detail counts. I genuinely think that everyone at Mips is committed to making each piece of the puzzle count on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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