Managing Resources and Culture at Mips

Desiree Falk Olsson
Office and Resource Manager

My role at Mips centers around ensuring our office runs smoothly and sustainably. I oversee the facilities, focusing on creating a conducive environment for our team and addressing our climate impact.

Resource Management
Balancing resources, especially times of scarcity, requires careful planning and teamwork. I
prioritize tasks and collaborate with colleagues to address immediate challenges.

Employee Interaction and Mips Culture
Daily interactions with employees are essential for understanding their needs and resolving
issues. The collaborative and community-oriented culture at Mips is one of our greatest

Our approach to providing resources is highly attentive to each employee’s needs, ensuring a
well-functioning work environment. This inclusiveness allows everyone, regardless of their
role, to pursue their passions effectively. Health and well-being initiatives like our popular
gym, yoga classes, massage sessions, and various social activities like breakfast gatherings
and themed after-work events contribute significantly to our positive work environment.
Many of us also engage in outdoor activities like running, cycling, skiing, and skating, thanks
to the beautiful nature surrounding our office.

Sustainability and Future Goals
Sustainability is a key focus, with rigorous recycling practices and efforts to reduce waste.
Future projects include upgrading our facilities and continuing to enhance the work
environment based on employee feedback.

My role is to balance the operational and environmental needs of Mips while fostering a
positive workplace culture. It’s a challenging but rewarding task, contributing significantly to
the company’s supportive and dynamic nature

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