Ergodyne joins forces with Mips

Ergodyne focuses on dangerous angled impacts with the launch of new Skullerz® Safety Helmets with Mips® safety system


St. Paul, Minn. (October 6, 2021) – Ergodyne announced the highly anticipated launch of Skullerz® Safety Helmets with built-in Mips® technology designed to help protect workers from dangerously overlooked angled impacts.

“Over 18,000 workers suffered traumatic brain injuries in 2019,”

“By adding Mips® technology to our best-selling Skullerz Safety Helmets, we are taking a step aimed at helping to reduce the risk of more of the brain jarring and tearing that can ultimately lead to lifelong brain damage.”

– Tim Gallant, Ergodyne Product Director.

“We’re excited to be among the first to introduce this revolutionary Mips® technology to the industrial space,” said Tom Votel, Ergodyne President & CEO. “It’s our hope that this partnership will encourage safety managers to think beyond the worksite to the lifelong effects these incidents can have on worker health and safety.”

The development of Mips® (multi-directional impact protection system) safety systems results from years of research and testing by Swedish neurosurgeon Hans von Holst and engineer Peter Halldin. To date, the technology has primarily been integrated into recreational helmets for leading global brands such as Fox Racing, Bell, and Specialized.

The new Skullerz® Safety Helmets are available now on

To learn more, email or call 800-225-8238 // (651) 642-9889.

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Available in Class C and Class E, the new safety helmets are integrated with Mips® Elevate — a low-friction layer that slides multi-directionally, designed to help redirect rotational energy that otherwise could be transferred to the head upon falling or impact. The integration fills a protection gap left by traditional hard hats, which have traditionally been designed to provide protection from direct impacts only.


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About Ergodyne

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About Mips

Mips specializes in helmet-based safety. Based on an ingredient brand model, the Mips’ system is sold to the global helmet industry. Mips solutions are patented in all relevant markets and are based on more than 20 years of research and development together with the Royal Institute of
Technology and the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.
Mips is a leader in helmet safety technology focusing on rotational energies and cooperates with 121 helmet brands that offer more than 729 models equipped with Mips’ system on the global helmet market. The company’s headquarters, with 44 employees in research and development, sales, marketing, and administration are located in Stockholm together with the test facility.

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