A World leading helmet safety system

With a refined fit, improved ventilation and a lighter construction

Mips Evolve is a rotational management system that not only can lower the energies transferred to the head during an impact or crash, but does this with added style, comfort and fit. The system consists of a Low Friction Layer (LFL) that is less than 1mm thick with a low friction coating that lessens the friction towards the energy absorbing layer. The LFL is tailor-made for every helmet and size and sits between the impact absorbing layer and the padding. The Mips® safety system is designed to work together with the ventilation channels and padding to give the user a safer helmet with great style, fit and comfort. The Mips Evolve utilizes the latest Mips technology to hold the LFL in place during daily use and can be designed to integrate with any proprietary adjustment system such as BOA or similar advanced technology. Every part is designed and manufactured for the best possible user experience.

Improved comfort

Improved integration

Improved ventilation

Improved fit

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