Invisible helmet safety

Being one of our lightest and slimmest systems, it’s also the most integrated.

Mips Integra is a rotational management system RMS that is integrated and designed into the helmet as tightly as it gets. Since the solution is a design collaboration between the helmet manufacturer and Mips design team with the aim to integrate the Mips system into the helmet, the Integra comes in different shapes depending on the properties of the particular helmet.


In some helmet models, the Mips low friction layer is in-molded to the inside of the energy absorbing layer of the helmet. In others, the Integra is a design of multiple Energy absorption layers where the Mips low friction layer is integrated between the movable energy-absorbing layers. The relative movement of 10-15mm that is needed in order to reduce forces otherwise transferred to the head during an impact or crash, happens close to the LFL – either between the comfort padding and the very thin sheet of polycarbonate PC that covers the inside of the helmet or between the energy-absorbing layers. The different designs make for unique ventilation abilities, invisible integration, and a fit that is what your favorite brand has always tried to provide you with.

Superior ventilation

Superior integration

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