GIRO Feature helmet with Mips in National Geographics “Gear of the Year”

Great news! We are happy to announce that the Giro Feather with #MIPSinsidewas featured in National Geographic Adventure Gear of the Year!

Text from National Geographics:

Giro Feature

Bike helmets will never be smarter than what’s in your head (we think), but they’re moving in that direction. Some now have sensors that automatically call for help if they detect a fall. Less exotic but safer (and more affordable) are lids like the Giro Feature, which incorporate a technology called MIPS.

The whole idea behind a helmet is that it absorbs the energy of an impact so your brain doesn’t. MIPS, developed in Sweden by brain surgeons and engineers, uses a shell and a liner that shear apart if the helmet hits something at an angle, which dramatically increases how much rotational impact is absorbed by the lid and not your skull. Given that the MIPS version of Giro’s 12-vent mountain bike model costs just $20 more than the non-MIPS one, not spending that double sawbuck is the opposite of smart.

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