Helmet-Based Safety Leader Mips Welcomes Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s Equestrian Helmet Ratings, But Warns Tests May Fall Short

2022-12-08, Stockholm, Sweden

The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab has just released their ratings of equestrian helmets, the first time to apply their STAR evaluation system to them. At Mips, we welcome the new benchmark initiative to evaluate equestrian helmets, yet aspects of the test and rating methods leave room for improvement.

Mips, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, provides the Mips® safety system, which is intended to help reduce harmful rotational motion that might be otherwise transferred to the user’s head for certain impacts.

After carefully evaluating the test method and ratings process, Mips believes that the STAR ratings system should adopt additional testing methods. Mips Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Peter Halldin further explains below: 

While we appreciate the new initiatives to evaluate equestrian helmets and promote helmet safety more generally, we at Mips believe that the new rating systems may be cause for confusion.

About Mips

Mips specializes in helmet-based safety and is a market leader in this field. The Mips® safety system is based on an “ingredient brand” model and is sold to the helmet industry worldwide. The Mips® safety system is patent protected and based on 25 years of research, testing and development in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska University

Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s headquarters are also located here, with more than 70 employees working in research and development, sales, marketing and administration, and the test center.

Currently, Mips works with more than 150 helmet manufacturers, the safety system is used in 833 models and was integrated into 12.6 million helmets worldwide in 2021 alone. For more information, visit mipsprotection.com.

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