Safety hidden in plain sight. 

The Air Node is super slim and super light. Dressed up as padding it stays unnoticed until needed. 

Mips Air is a rotational management system RMS specifically developed and designed to be the lightest system possible to help reduce rotational energies otherwise transferred to the head during an impact or crash. The Mips Air technology is integrated into the helmet’s padding and enables 10-15mm of relative movement between the energy-absorbing layer and the padding. The relative movement of the Mips Air is helped by having a backing of polycarbonate PC with a special low friction treatment and being held by specially designed fixations enabling movement in all directions. By being integrated into the padding the system is as light as it gets and designed to fit each specific helmet and size, barely being visible to the user and adding only limited weight to the helmet.

Maximum ventilation

Minimum weight

Washing and replacement instructions for Mips® Air Node system


Proper care and installation of the Mips® Air Node system is essential for the helmet and the Mips Air Node system to work as intended. The Mips Air Node system is held in place with a number of hook and loop connecting points called Nodes. Figure (B) Front of the helmet (A)


Removing the Mips® Air Node system, gently pull it out of the helmet. Using too much force may cause the connection point in the helmet to break.
When installing the Mips ® Air Node system, make sure you replace it with the correct model and size. Position the system correctly in the helmet with the front of padding in the front of the helmet Fig( A).


Connect each Node firmly by pressing it to its counterpart in the helmet Fig (C). Repeat on each Node and make sure the hook and loop fabric attach to each counterpart.
The Mips ® Air Node system may be cleaned by carefully rinsing by hand in lukewarm water and air drying at room temperature.

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