Journey Back to Mips

“For me, working at Mips is a combination of a strong, familial company culture and the opportunity to contribute to advancements in helmet safety and innovation.”

Wilhelm Lidström, Product Development Manager


Learnings from Time Away
I joined a company that experienced rapid growth, expanding almost fivefold in two years. This journey provided a mix of positive and challenging experiences, emphasizing the need for structured processes to manage growth effectively.

Reasons for Returning
The strong, family-like culture at Mips and the continued evolution in helmet design drew me back – and former colleagues reassured me that the company spirit remained intact despite the growth.

Cultural Changes Observed
When I returned, I was a bit surprised to find the company culture stronger than before. The sense of community is a testament to Mips’ commitment to its core values even amidst growth.

Mips’s Unique Value
The standout feature for me is the comprehensive industry expertise, offering a rich environment for learning and leading in helmet safety.

Future Goals
My aspiration is to keep pushing both myself and the company forward. I always struggle with my own impatience, but it is a unique opportunity to contribute to advancements in helmet safety and innovation.

Recommendation to Prospects
I think Mips is an employer that understands the importance of its people’s well-being, offering a balanced and supportive work environment.

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