Managing Culture at Mips

“I take pride in a workplace culture that is collaborative,
warm and inviting.”

Desiree Falk Olsson, Office and Resource Manager


Office Management
I am responsible for functions related to the office and its facilities, ensuring that everything works and that we create the best conditions for all employees. I also work with initiatives related to sustainability and our impact on the climate, focusing on how we can minimize it.

Employee Interaction and Mips Culture
For me, the collaborative and community-oriented culture at Mips is one of our greatest strengths. My goal is to supply resources based on each employee’s needs, ensuring a well-functioning work environment. I believe an open atmosphere allows each person, regardless of their job, to pursue what they’re passionate about.

Our health and well-being efforts include our gym, yoga classes, massage sessions, plus social get-togethers like breakfast and themed after-hours. These activities build a positive work environment. Many of us engage in outdoor activities like running, cycling, skiing, and skating, making the most of the beautiful nature right outside our office door.

Sustainability and Future Goals
Sustainability is one of my key focus areas. With recycling practices and efforts to reduce waste at the office already in place, we’re making eco-friendly choices a natural part of our daily work life. Future projects will include upgrading our facilities and continuing to enhance the work environment based on employee feedback.


My role is to balance both the operational and environmental needs of Mips while fostering a positive workplace culture. That’s a challenging, but also a very rewarding task.

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