Mips and Kabuto launch MotoGP™ partnership

Helmet safety brand Mips, a global leader within its field, is excited to announce the latest news from the partnership with Japanese helmet manufacturer Kabuto; the Kabuto F17 Racing Mips, the first MotoGP™ helmet equipped with the Mips safety system.

Taking center stage at the Mips stand at EICMA is the brand-new F17 Racing Mips, a MotoGP™ helmet equipped with the Mips safety system. Designed to reduce the aerodynamic load on the rider with its core “Omni-directional aerodynamics” concept, the F17 elevates aerodynamic technology with a ribbed shell that optimizes aero characteristics, in unison with bow-shaped devices on top of the head to reduce lift and increase stability. The new F17 Racing Mips will have the latest development from Mips, the new Integra TX solution.

Mips Integra TX – a new low-friction comfort padding

Mips Integra TX is a helmet comfort padding that replaces the conventional comfort padding and is designed with an integrated low friction layer inside. The Integra TX is designed to help reduce rotational motion to the head and will replace conventional comfort layers, making it totally invisible.

The new Integra TX is designed to slide and cushion within the impact area allowing a 10-15mm movement in all directions. The relative movement occurs within the comfort padding with the help of the thin low-friction layer between the foam and the brushed fabric. Its slim profile also means the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) within the helmets does not need to be adjusted and the overall helmet size will remain unchanged. The Integra TX is another advancement by Mips and is removable and washable by the user. The new solution is optimized for helmets within the Moto, Snow, and Equestrian categories and the technology will be premiered with the F17 Racing Mips from Kabuto.

“The Mips Integra TX solution is yet another important development moving Mips into the future of helmet-based safety. Safety will always come first for us, but improving Mips integration with helmets is another important goal. Having the first helmet with the Mips safety system in MotoGP™ aligns perfectly with our long-term goals and our mission of leading the world to safer helmets,” says Max Strandwitz, CEO of Mips.

Kabuto riders will be equipped with the new F17 Racing Mips for the upcoming season.

Also introducing; Geosys Adventure

Alongside the F17 Racing, Mips helmet is the new Kabuto Geosys Adventure, equipped with the Mips technology, which was recently released. A dual-purpose model designed to balance comfortable long distances on the road and safe adventuring off-road. Key to the adaptability of Geosys is its implementation of the Mips safety system.

About Mips

Mips specializes in helmet-based safety and is a market leader in this field. The Mips® safety system is based on an “ingredient brand” model and is sold to the helmet industry worldwide. The Mips® safety system is patent protected and based on 25 years of research, testing and development in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska University

Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s headquarters are also located here, with more than 70 employees working in research and development, sales, marketing and administration, and the test center.

Currently, Mips works with more than 150 helmet manufacturers, the safety system is used in 833 models and was integrated into 12.6 million helmets worldwide in 2021 alone. For more information, visit mipsprotection.com.

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