MIPS Brain Protection System Offered in Lazer Sport Helmets

Lazer, the world’s oldest helmet manufacturer still in operation, will include the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) in two snow helmets, the Effect and Mozo Deluxe, to offer enhanced safety and brain protection.

“We are excited to launch MIPS in the Effect and Mozo Deluxe,” says Peter Steenwegen, Lazer Sport CEO. “The innovative design of the MIPS system, seamlessly integrates into our helmets, giving skiers & snowboarders increased peace of mind as there is more awareness about traumatic brain injury.”

The Effect is a great value helmet that has many of the features in more expensive models. The Rollsys Fit System hugs the back of the head and neck and is easily adjustable using the wheel at the back of the helmet. The frame around the Rollsys system can be removed and replaced with the GoPro adaptor allowing for easy and secure fitting of a GoPro camera. It features in-mold construction for superior strength and only weighs 410 grams.

The Mozo Deluze features a premium fabric wrapped shell with a two part, Duo-Mold construction. The leather straps and X-static padding offer a comfortable fit and the dual zone adapt vents allow for superior air flow. Lazer will also be including the MIPS brain protection system in four bike helmets including the Helium, Beam, P’nut and Nut’z.

“As one of the oldest manufacturers of helmets, Lazer knows quite a bit about head safety,” says Johan Thiel, MIPS CEO. “The brand’s passion for performance, design and comfort align well with the MIPS philosophy and this partnership will offer a higher level of safety to snow sports enthusiasts.”

The Effect and Mozo Deluxe will be on display at the Lazer booth (#2939) during the SnowSports Industries America (SIA) show, January 30 through February 1 in Denver, Colorado.About MIPS Brain Protection System

The MIPS Brain Protection system was developed by a Swedish neuroscientist to address angled impact and rotational forces to the brain. Concussions and brain injuries are often caused by rotational violence to the brain during a head impact. MIPS BPS utilizes a low friction layer to absorb much of the energy created by oblique blows to the head. By mimicking the brain’s own protective mechanisms, MIPS can significantly minimize brain injuries in connection with angled impacts and rotational violence. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Sweden has conducted tests concluding MIPS helmets can significantly minimize brain injuries—up to 50 percent in some studies.

Established in 1919, Lazer, with headquarters in Antwerp Belgium, designs, manufactures and markets its bicycle, snow helmets and eyewear in more than 50 countries on over 5 continents.

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