Mips Enhances Its Product Communication With New Product Range

Mips offers a new way for consumers to understand the added technology within the Mips-equipped helmets on the market.

To make it easier for brands and consumers to choose and diversify its products, Mips, a global leader in helmet safety technology, today launches a new product range to better define its helmet safety products and classify each based on their intended uses. As part of the updated classification system, all future Mips-equipped helmets will be branded with the new product class and include a new hang tag, designed to inform and educate consumers about Mips.

The new and simplified product range consists of five classes: MIPS® ESSENTIAL, MIPS® EVOLVE, MIPS® ELEVATE, MIPS® INTEGRA and MIPS® AIR; each of which was previously standalone Mips products under more broad usage categories (Sports, Moto and Industrial Safety). This more specific approach to defining Mips products will guide brands and consumers, and help anyone looking to purchase a helmet select the one best suited to their needs without compromising safety.

The move to better define its products demonstrates Mips’ growing focus on educating consumers around the world and empowering them to make more informed decisions when purchasing a helmet. Historically, Mips has been a B2B-focused company; the updated product range is another step towards a more consumer-centric brand identity.

Click here to download visual assets for the new product range and click here to watch Mips CMO, Fredrik Kjellberg, present the new product range.

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