Mips for dummies

  • What is Mips?

    Mips, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, is a technology designed to reduce the risk of brain injury in the event of an oblique impact to the head. Oblique impacts are those in which the head strikes an object or surface at an angle, rather than straight-on. These types of impacts can cause the head to rotate upon impact, which can lead to injury to the brain.

  • How does Mips works?

    Mips works by adding a low-friction layer within the helmet, known as the Mips layer. This layer sits between the energy-absorbing layers (“padding”) in the helmet and allows the head to move slightly within the helmet upon impact. This movement helps to dissipate the energy from the impact, reducing the risk of injury to the brain.

  • Mips design and compatibility

    The Mips layer is engineered to fit each helmet model and size, and is injection-molded to fit perfectly in each individual helmet. It provides a minimalist design that neither interferes with the fit of the helmet nor has more than a marginal effect on weight.

  • Variations of Mips technology

    The technology is available in different designs for different areas of use, and it’s used by many major helmet manufacturers. There’s sure to be a helmet equipped with Mips technology that suits you and your activities.

The principle of Mips

Overall, Mips technology is designed to work on the same principle of the brain’s own protective system which allows the brain to move slightly inside the head during an impact, which can greatly reduce the risk of injuries.

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