MIPS launches strategic partnership to deliver safer helmets together with leading helmet companies

The Swedish research and development company MIPS, developer of the Multi-directional Impact Protection System helmet technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with the world’s largest helmet manufacturers: BRG Sports, United States. As part of this collaboration, BRG Sports will invest in MIPS as a minority interest. This strategic partnership will allow for increased research and development to produce even safer helmets. BRG Sports will use the world-leading Swedish safety technology in a range of new helmet models launching this autumn.

BRG Sports, one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers, today announced that the company had entered into a strategic partnership with MIPS AB. The partnership includes an investment in MIPS and plans to use MIPS technology, which reduces rotational energy, offering the market safer helmets.

”Collaboration between the two companies has been building for a while now, and we believe in the technology and in the potential of the company, which is why we have decided to enter into this agreement,” says BRG Sports Chairman Terry Lee.

”BRG Sports’ Investment in MIPS AB allows us to broaden our own research and development capabilities,” says Johan Thiel, CEO of MIPS AB. ”We believe the partnership with BRG will benefit the industry as a whole, in the form of more rapid development of safer helmets.”

The first result of the collaboration will be eight new bicycle helmets, using the MIPS patented technology, to be launched soon by BRG Sports. The technology will also be used in models developed by MIPS customers such as POC, Fox, Lazer, O’Neal, One Industries, Scott, Smith Optics, Stadium, Sweet Protection, Triple 8 and Airoh.

”Like when the airbag became the standard of safety in cars, we see that MIPS can be an essential safety component in helmets,” says MIPS CEO Johan Thiel. ”We are proud that more and more well-respected brands are choosing to use our technology.”

MIPS and its customers will showcase the new helmets during Eurobike on 27:th and 30:th of August in Friederichshafen and Inter Bike on September 10:th to 12:th in Las Vegas.

About MIPS

MIPS safety helmets reduce the rotational forces that the brain is exposed to during oblique impacts to the head. In a MIPS helmet, the helmet is separated from the head by a low-friction coating that allows the head to slide during impact. In developing the technology, researchers were inspired by the cerebrospinal fluid, which surrounds the human brain and allows the brain to move inside the skull, where much of the energy created by an angled blow to the head is absorbed.

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https://www.brgsports.com/news/brg-sports-partners-with-mips-ab-to-advance-head-protection-technology/(Press release from BRG Sports)

https://www.giro.com/eu_en/giro-partners-with-mips-technologies/(press release GIRO)

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John Thiel, Managing MIPS, phone: +46 733 99 65 88 or email: johan.thiel@mipshelmet.com

Artwork: https://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/mips-ab

About BRG Sports

BRG Sports is a leading designer, developer and marketer of branded sports equipment, protective products and related accessories. The company markets and licenses products under such well-known brands as Bell, Blackburn, Giro, Raskullz, Krash! and BULT. Its products incorporate leading technology and designs and are used by professional athletes and enthusiasts alike. Headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, the company has 32 facilities worldwide. More information is available at: www.brgsports.com.

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