MIPS Partners With Giro and Introduces New Snow Helmets

STOCKHOLM (February 3, 2015) – MIPS AB, the patented Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is proud to announce that it has partnered with GIRO Sport Design on a new line of snowsports helmets across key categories including all-mountain, freestyle, women’s and youth. The six new helmets will be available globally in August 2015.

“With their extensive experience and depth of resources, Giro brings a unique understanding of our technology,” said MIPS CEO Johan Thiel. “MIPS grew directly out of research and the possibility of partnering with a manufacturer that uses active research to drive their helmet design is a great opportunity.”

MIPS technology in helmets reduces the rotational forces to the brain during an oblique impact. Helmets are designed to absorb direct impacts but when combined with MIPS, they absorb oblique forces by allowing a small rotation of the outer shell relative to the liner. This technology mimics the function of cerebral spinal fluid in the human head and adds a second layer of safety that can reduce damage to the brain during impact.

“Giro has long been an industry leader of helmet safety research, design, and testing,” said Giro Executive Vice President Greg Shapleigh. “For several years we have collaborated with MIPS to validate and explore ways to further reduce rotational impact energy. We feel that this slip plane technology can offer reduced rotational impact energy transmission in certain impacts. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce MIPS-equipped helmets for the all mountain, freestyle, women’s, and youth ski and snowboard markets.”

Giro has selected six new models to debut MIPS: Technology in the 2016 Giro Snow helmet line:

Range – MSRP $240 – The revolutionary new Range helmet design utilizes a 2-piece shell and truly integrated fit system to create an adaptive fit helmet with Conform Fit Technology that literally forms to every rider’s head shape by expanding and contracting with the turn of a dial.

Nine MIPS & Era MIPS – MSRP $120 and the youth Nine Jr. MIPS – MSRP $110 – Defined by its lightweight, low profile and streamlined silhouette, Nine MIPS & Era MIPS feature Thermostat Control Venting plus all the functional features that have made it one of Giro’s most enduring and popular designs.

Ledge MIPS – MSRP $80 & Crüe MIPS – MSRP $75 – The all-new Ledge helmet is built for the abuse of jibbing, street and park riding, featuring Hard Shell Construction, ample venting, and low profile and removable Auto Loc 2 Fit System.

Video – The Mechanics of a Crash: https://youtu.be/arka7CI_B0M
Video – Giro and MIPS: https://youtu.be/ZJb3LIupM2A
Learn more about MIPS Technology and Giro products: giro.com/MIPSAbout MIPS
MIPS AB is the global leader in helmet safety technologies with its revolutionary and patented MIPS Brain Protection System. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) supplies its technology to manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, horse riding helmets, bike helmets, ski helmets and snowboarding helmets all over the world. The company was founded by five specialists in the biomechanical field from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and has extensive technological and medical expertise focused on preventing head injuries. MIPS was founded in 2001 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. www.mipshelmet.com.About Giro Sport Design: Founded in Santa Cruz, California in 1985, Giro Sport Design develops new ideas to enhance the ride. Since creating the first lightweight, high-performance helmets for cycling and snowsports, we have maintained a strong focus on products that enhance the feeling of freedom and independence that riding brings to life. As the leader in the design, fit and engineering of products that complement the body, Giro is the first choice of riders worldwide.

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