Helmet safety

How to choose a motorcycle helmet

There are many factors when choosing your perfect motorcycle helmet. Here are a few to consider:

  • Rotational management

    Make sure the helmet is designed with a low-friction layer like a Mips® safety system, that’s intended to help reduce rotational force to the head during certain angled impacts. 

  • Comfort and fit

    Everyone has their own unique head shape and fit factors. It’s important to consider everything from sizing to retention systems and straps.

  • Safety certification

    Most motorcycle helmets available to consumers are required to meet certain safety requirements, but it’s best to double-check that it’s up to date with the latest regulations in your country.

  • Helmet type

    There are several different types of motorcycle helmets, including full-face, modular, half-shell and open face. Choose one that’s most suitable for the type of riding you do.

  • Brand and style

    There are plenty of great choices of motocross helmets available today. Be sure to choose one from a brand you know and trust, with a style that will help get you motivated to ride.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle helmets

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