How to choose a motorcycle helmet

Quicker commutes. Weekend trips. A daily dose of freedom and fun. Gear up for your motorcycle adventures with a high-quality helmet that has a Mips® safety system. 


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Whether you’re commuting to work, racing on the track, or heading out for weekend adventures, there’s nothing quite like the freedom and fun of riding your motorcycle. Having the right gear, including a motorcycle helmet with a Mips® safety system, is essential to having a fun, safe experience. 

Helmet safety

Checklist for choosing a motorcycle helmet

There are many factors when choosing your perfect motorcycle helmet. Here are a few to consider:

  • Rotational management

    Make sure the helmet is designed with a low-friction layer like a Mips® safety system, that’s intended to help reduce rotational force to the head during certain angled impacts. 

  • Comfort and fit

    Everyone has their own unique head shape and fit factors. It’s important to consider everything from sizing to retention systems and straps.

  • Safety certification

    Most motorcycle helmets available to consumers are required to meet certain safety requirements, but it’s best to double-check that it’s up to date with the latest regulations in your country.

  • Helmet type

    There are several different types of motorcycle helmets, including full-face, modular, half-shell and open face. Choose one that’s most suitable for the type of riding you do.

  • Brand and style

    There are plenty of great choices of motocross helmets available today. Be sure to choose one from a brand you know and trust, with a style that will help get you motivated to ride.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle helmets

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Mips was born from science and research

Our founders have spent decades studying the relationship between brain injuries and helmet construction. This deep knowledge and unrivalled experience are behind the latest Mips technologies for safer helmets.

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