Full-face motorcycle helmet

Few things, if any, beat the feeling on an accelerating motorcycle. It’s fast and it’s fun, but you are also a bit exposed. This is why wearing a good helmet should always be a priority when riding. Many riders choose a full-face motorcycle helmet – perhaps the most common helmet among motorcycle riders today.


A full-face helmet is a helmet that is designed to protect both your head and face. It offers protection in case of an accident, but it also protects you from wind, dust, and colliding flies during long MC rides.

Look for a well balanced helmet with the right fit

When looking for a full-face motorcycle helmet it is crucial that you find one that fits both your head and your driving style. If you cruise slowly along winding roads, you might want a different helmet than those who enjoy the adrenalin on full speed during a track day. A tight fit is always required for the helmet, but if you are the track day-type, you should go for a helmet that doesn’t move even the slightest.

Why Mips?

Look for an approved full face motorcycle helmet with Mips’ technology

When looking for a full-face motorcycle helmet, look for safety features and other details specific to the type of use that applies to you. But first and foremost, you should make sure that the helmet is certified according to the standards that apply in your country.

If you see a helmet with a yellow logo on the back, it means it is equipped with Mips safety system. No matter what activities you like to engage in, there is sure to be a helmet equipped with Mips technology that suits you.

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