Snowmobile helmets

To many people, driving a snowmobile is the ultimate form of freedom. Going far out in the snowy wilderness where no other transportation is possible is true relaxation for the soul. For others, a snowmobile is primarily a work vehicle or a practical, utilitarian tool. But no matter how you use your snowmobile, it is always a good idea to use a snowmobile helmet while riding.


Your first job

The primary task of a snowmobile helmet is of course to protect your head in the event of an accident. But it also needs to withstand wind and help keep you warm for a long time. For example, if you drive, at 30 mph at 14°F, the chilling effect is -29°F. So you need a helmet that keeps you warm but without fogging up the visor.

Many snowmobile riders use a regular motorcycle helmet or motocross helmet, but dedicated snowmobile helmets are also available on the market. They often feature things like electrically heated visors or dual panes that prevent fog.

Find a snowmobile helmet that fits

There are many different types of snowmobile helmets from which to choose. Some people prefer a full-face helmet with a visor that covers the entire face. Others find that a modular helmet where you can open the chin bar is more convenient. For more active riding, a motocross or snowcross-style helmet is the best option. They offer more ventilation as well as a wider field of vision, since the visor is replaced by goggles.

The Mips® safety system – designed to address rotational motion in a crash

You can also choose a snowmobile helmet equipped with the Mips safety system. It is intended to address rotational motion which is a result of an angled impact to the head. But what is rotational motion?

Look for an approved snowmobile helmet with Mips’ technology

When looking for a snowmobile helmet, or for that matter helmets for other activities and vehicle types, look for different safety features and other details specific to the type of use that applies to you. But first of all, make sure that the helmet is certified according to the applicable standards in the country where you live.

If you see a helmet with a yellow logo on the back, it means it is equipped with Mips safety system. No matter what activities you like to engage in, there is sure to be a helmet equipped with Mips technology that suits you.


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