My Experience at Mips

“Starting as an intern at Mips was a dream come true. The company’s culture stood out immediately – it’s a place where everyone cares deeply about each other, creating a welcoming environment for newcomers.”

Gustav Meissner, Content Coordinator


Growth and Development
My role evolved significantly from intern to Content Coordinator. I managed several projects during my internship, many of which I continue to work on. The mentorship I received was a perfect mix of support and independence, paving way to a full-time role.

Culture and Environment
Mips has a dynamic culture, with a strong emphasis on sports and team activities. Events like the “Mips Olympics” and lunchtime workouts foster a strong sense of community, making it easier for newcomers to integrate.

Challenges and Learnings
Transitioning to a full-time role was smooth, thanks to my ongoing projects. The key learning for me was the importance of a positive attitude and teamwork.

Future Aspirations
I am passionate about Mips and see a long-term future here, potentially exploring different roles within the company.

Mips is ideal for those who enjoy challenges and value a strong community spirit, combined with an interest in sports and innovation.

Overall Reflection
I am proud to be part of Mips, especially because of our vision – to reduce head injuries and save more lives. Mips is not just about professional growth; it’s about being part of a community that makes a real difference.

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