Our supply chain


We do not conduct any of our own production, and instead, use external suppliers for the manufacturing of our products. To ensure that our supply chain and the manufacturing of our products are sustainable, we must ensure our suppliers’ supply chains are sustainable and comply with requirements stipulated by international laws and conventions.

We carried out third-party audits of the three strategically most important suppliers in the supply chain.

Total number of known cases/reports of incidents of corruption and violations of human rights.

We believe that the company has an important role in ensuring that the human rights of the people affected through Mips’ operations are respected.

Mips quality assurance process:

As we collaborate with many different partners, maintaining the high quality of our products is crucial. Our quality assurance process consists of several stages, both before the product launch and during production. After our approval of the helmet, the factory can start to mass produce the helmet equipped with our safety system. We always offer the factories assistance in production if they are new, or if they show they need and/or request support from our engineers.

A sustainable supply chain

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Our employees

We value attracting and retaining skilled and passionate employees to create safer and better products. Despite being a world leader, our employees remain humble, curious, and eager to learn.

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Our products

We care about sustainable societal development, and we think our technology and products can help.

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