Mips Elevate Core

Next-level work safety.

A low-friction layer for hard hats.

Rotational movement deflection for harness helmets in angled impacts.

How it works:

The Mips Elevate Core system brings Mips technology to industry and construction sites.

An injection-molded low-friction layer, with comfortable padding on the inside, is attached to the helmet using the rear harness straps and front padding. This lets the low-friction layer move inside the helmet to help minimize rotational motion to the head in angled impacts.

Where it’s used:

Hard hats were initially developed to protect against falling objects and are now used for workplace safety throughout the construction industry and many other workplaces. The Mips Elevate Core is a patented solution intended to help reduce rotational motion to the head in specific impacts. This universal system is designed for harness-type safety helmets and fits most helmet designs and sizes.

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