Mips Elevate brings the state of the art Mips helmets safety system to the classic hard hat and other harness based helmets for the first time ever.

Mips Elevate is a rotational management system RMS that is designed to be rugged and last the tough environment that a hard hat is exposed to and still lower the rotational energies transferred to the head during an impact, fall or hit by a falling object. The system consists of an injection-molded Low Friction Layer that rests on the head straps and then extends up to the headband and is held in place by the front padding. On the inside, facing the user’s scalp the LFL comes with foam pads that improve both the comfort and the ventilation so that the helmet can be worn all day. The padding has flexible connectors that make sure the Mips Elevate is kept in place during daily use while still allowing the padding to be easy to remove and wash or replace when needed. Mips Elevate offers a revolution in head protection designed and built with the tough conditions on a work site in mind.

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