The first rule of helmet safety

This is a no-fuss – robust system, and a perfect first introduction to Mips® safety systems for helmets, which intends to reduce rotational force to your head on certain angled impacts

A rotational management system that can lower the energies transferred to the head during an impact or crash. The system consists of a low friction layer (LFL) that is less than 1mm thick and placed on the inside of the helmet underneath the padding. The LFL is tailor-made for every helmet and size and is created to move 10-15mm in any direction during an impact. The Mips® safety system is held in place by 3 elastomers that keep the LFL positioned correctly in the helmet. The LFL is injection molded to fit into each specific helmet. The minimalistic design is neatly implemented to not interfere with any fit system.

Low friction layer

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