Comfortable safety

An invisible solution that provides omnidirectional movement. Integrating a low-friction layer into the comfort padding.

Traditional helmets are designed and tested for straight impacts, but most impacts are angled, which can cause rotational motion to the head.

The rotational motion can
cause brain injuries.

The Low Friction Layer is intended to help reduce the rotational motion to the head in certain angled impacts.

How it works:

The Mips® Integra TX system complements the traditional fabric-and-foam comfort padding with an integrated low-friction layer. The system provides movement to help reduce rotational motion to the head in certain angled impacts, without altering comfort and fit or adding weight to the helmet.

Where it’s used:

Mips® Integra TX is useful in moto, equestrian and snow helmets, where comfort is vital. The system is integrated in the comfort padding, and is attached to the helmet with hook-and-loop fabric or existing attachment points inside the helmet.

Why Mips® Integra TX

When a helmet is impacted at an angle, it can cause the head to rotate suddenly and violently. This is a common source of concussions and brain injury.

The Mips® Integra TX system is designed to provide movement inside the helmet to help reduce the rotational motion to the head in certain angled impacts, thereby lowering the risk of such injuries. A 0.1 mm low-friction layer is sewn into the comfort padding. This makes for an invisible and fully integrated system – a comfortable solution that does not alter the fit or weight of the helmet.

  • Comfortable – does not affect the fit.

  • Integrated into the comfort padding.

  • Provides omnidirectional movement for full coverage helmets.

  • Designed for full coverage helmets like moto, snow, equestrian and full-face bike helmets.

Mips x Aleix Espargaro

The principle of the safety system

The Mips® safety system is designed to provide added safety for helmets in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful forces that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head.

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