Mips Integra

Mips Integra is a rotational management system that is integrated and designed into the helmet as tightly as it gets. Since the solution is a design collaboration between the helmet manufacturer and the Mips design team with the aim to integrate the Mips system into the helmet the Integra comes in different shapes depending on the properties of the particular helmet.

Below, you can see our current product offering within the Integra family:


Integrated safety

Integra Split is the next evolution of Mips Integra, taking it a step further by splitting the energy-absorbing layer and then molding the Low Friction Layer between the moving layers.

The relative movement of 10-15 mm that is needed in order to reduce forces otherwise transferred to the head during an impact or crash, happens between these energy-absorbing layers.

The total integrated design of Integra Split makes for unique ventilation abilities, invisible integration, and a fit that is what your favorite brand has always tried to provide you with.

Superior ventilation

Superior integration

Comfort padding with integrated Mips technology

Mips Integra TX is a helmet comfort padding that replaces the conventional comfort padding and is designed with an integrated low friction layer inside. The integrated low-friction layer allows the helmet to move slightly on the user’s head during an angled impact on the outer shell.

The Integra TX comfort padding layer is designed to slide locally in the impact area thanks to elastic materials and the unique soft low friction layer. Integra TX is designed for Moto, snow, and EQ helmets.

Superior ventilation

Superior integration

Invisible helmet safety

Being one of our lightest and slimmest systems, it’s also one of the most integrated. Mips Integra is the premium result of a co-lab between Mips and the brand.

Integra Fuse has the same benefits as the Integra Split, total integration and optimized design and fit. The difference is that in the Integra Fuse the Low Friction Layer is in-molded to the inside of the energy-absorbing layer of the helmet. The relative movement of 10-15 mm which is needed in order to reduce forces otherwise transferred to the head during an impact or crash, happens between the comfort padding and the thin sheet of polycarbonate PC that covers the inside of the helmet.

Superior ventilation

Superior integration

Helmets with Integra

Below is a list of helmets within the Integra family.

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