Safest Mountainbike helmets

Starting in 2011, Virginia Tech researchers have been furnishing impartial helmet assessments to empower consumers in making well-informed choices when selecting various helmet types.

Safest Mountainbike helmets

According to Virginia Tech’s May 2023 findings, these are the top 5 safest MIPS helmets for mountain biking in 2023:

How does Virginia Tech evaluate mountain biking helmets?

Virginia Tech employs a drop tower, the conventional testing apparatus for assessing bike helmets. During the assessment, the mountain biking helmet is dropped down a slider and makes contact with a steel anvil covered in abrasive sandpaper, which is designed to replicate real-world trail conditions more accurately.

These tests occur at two different impact velocities and cover six distinct positions on the helmet, including impacts on the rim. The methodology assesses both direct and oblique impacts, and each test is repeated twice, leading to a total of 24 evaluations for each helmet.

To quantify the linear and rotational forces experienced upon impact, accelerometers are situated inside the head form that supports the helmet. These measurements are then processed using a formula to generate an overall score and a star rating, with a lower score indicating superior performance.

Virginia Tech asserts that their testing is more comprehensive than standard protocols, which often omit evaluations of rim impacts, despite their frequent occurrence in actual accidents. You can find a detailed explanation of Virginia Tech’s testing methodology on its website.

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