Mips helmet technology

Welcome to the very heart of Mips. Science and technology are where we come from, and we are happy to share some of our collective knowledge from more than 25 years of research, testing, failures and game-changing innovations.


Born from science

The founders of Mips have spent decades studying the relationship between brain injuries and helmet construction. Years of research and testing occurred before the first helmet with a Mips® safety system (an equestrian helmet) came to life in 2007. Today you can find Mips® safety systems in helmets from most major helmet manufacturers and for main activities including cycling, snow sports, motorsports, team sports and even construction.  Mips® safety systems are the result of extensive research and testing, both internally and from independent third-party sources.

Innovation: The science behind Mips

The articles below offer deeper insights into Mips® safety system. These are simplified versions of the science, intended to provide a basic understanding of why the brain is sensitive, the important role of our unique testing facility, and how our innovative low-friction layer works to reduce rotational forces to the head.


More than 50 000 helmets tested

The Mips helmet test laboratory, located 15km north of Stockholm in Sweden, is a product of more than 25 years of continual development. 

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Frequently asked questions about the science and technology behind Mips

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