SCOTT Freeride Athletes Team up with MIPS

MIPS AB, a leader in helmet safety technology, announces the creation of a new athlete team which includes three SCOTT athletes. The collection of international ski and snowboard athletes actively compete in the Freeride World Tour (FWT) with helmets equipped with MIPS BPS. They will facilitate important discussions regarding safety technology within the ski and snowboard community.

“MIPS is integral to the safety of extreme skiers and snowboarders, and we want to get the word out there,” says Niklas Steenberg, MIPS CEO. “The talented athletes in this group are the people who can speak to the importance of safety within their sport. MIPS was created to offer superior head protection so these athletes can continue to safely participate in the sport that they love.”

The athletes include:
Seb Michaud – La Clusaz (FRA) is a veteran to freesking with over 12 years of experience competing and has gotten 5 podiums in his career.
“I have been competing freesking now for 15 years and it is my life,” says Seb Michaud. “Throughout my career I have been working with SCOTT and like the spirit and professionalism of the development team. They are always looking for the next best thing and it’s exciting to see what they come out with. Recently, they included MIPS into their helmets which gives me that added confidence to push a little bit harder and go a little bit bigger.”

Jérémie Heitz – Les Marécottes (SUI) is amongst the youngest skiers competing in the FWT and currently holds second in the men’s ski division of the FWT 2013. “I couldn’t be happier with the support that I have received from SCOTT,” says Jeremie Heitz. “I have always been impressed with the quality and diversity of the products from the brand. They don’t cut any corners with their gear and I feel more confident using it, not only for the look but for the functionality. For example, their helmets are amongst the safest available because they include MIPS Brain Protection System, which makes them that much better!”

Stefan Häusl – Strengen am Arlberg (AUT) has been a professional freeride skier since 2005 and achieved his first FWT win at Fieberbrunn in 2011. “Skiing is my sport and passion and I have built a life around it,” Says Stefan Haüsl. “I live in one of the best resorts in the world and I couldn’t be happier for my sponsors supporting me along the way. Hitting big lines takes confidence in the gear that you are using. SCOTT has given me that confidence in their gear, because I have used it and can fully trust that it works. By including technologies like MIPS to make it that much safer, I can focus on what really matters: the skiing.”

Seb Michaud, Stefan Haüsl and Jeremie Heitz are riding SCOTT Rove and Symbol (2013 model) with MIPS. More info on these and other SCOTT MIPS wintersport helmets can be found here

MIPS Brain Protection System The MIPS Brain Protection system was developed by a Swedish neuroscientist to address angled impact and rotational forces to the brain. Concussions and brain injuries are often caused by rotational violence to the brain during a head impact. MIPS BPS utilizes a low friction layer to absorb much of the energy created by oblique blows to the head. By mimicking the brain’s own protective mechanisms, MIPS can significantly minimize brain injuries in connection with angled impacts and rotational violence. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Sweden has conducted tests concluding MIPS helmets can significantly minimize brain injuries.

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