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Ski helmet for kids

Skiing is a fantastic activity for the whole family, and it is a great joy to see small kids quickly learning how to control their skis and – before you know it – master jumps, and halfpipes, and leave you far behind while skiing in the forest. Naturally, a good ski helmet should always be part of any kids´ ski equipment. Here are some tips for what to consider when looking for a ski helmet for kids.


While the appetite for speed may be fully developed in kids at an early age, their ability to think about consequences usually lags behind. A good helmet offers protection for even the youngest daredevils. It offers protection against the many types of impacts that may happen on a ski slope, where the likelihood of tumbles and crashes is high.

Kids helmet

Important to find the right size

When looking for a ski helmet for kids, it is important to find one with the right size and fit. It should fit snugly, but without squeezing or chafing. It could be tempting to buy a ski helmet that is a little too big for the small child to grow into, but in terms of protection, that is not the best idea.

Kids helmet

Wearing a warm hat under a ski helmet for kids?  

Most ski helmets are well insulated to withstand cold temperatures, but if you want extra warmth for your kid, add no more than an extra liner under the helmet. A knitted hat, for example, may interfere with the helmet’s fit and protective qualities, causing it to offer less protection.

Kids helmet

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